Getting In Cars With Strangers

Written by Tasmin Andres

Guess what? A new Mappy Hour chapter is on it’s way! Instead of publishing a press release, we asked Mappy Hour Cleveland co-founder Tasmin Andres to share one of her stories, the windy path that brought her to Mappy Hour. Join Tasmin (and other awesome outdoor enthusiasts) on February 6th. 

We’ve all been there: you plan a multi-day trip, but even after boosting and checking in with your crew, life gets in the way of their follow through. This past June, it was a 4 day trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After all the planning and permits were ready, my group was down from five to two people, including myself.

I’m not one to sweat the little things on a trip like that. And, as it grew closer I decided that even if the last person dropped, I would still go alone. But to see the reserved campsite permits and shuttle spots go to waste? That got to me. I began asking around – asking everybody. I had extra gear for anyone that needed to borrow it and being incredibly flat terrain, Pictured Rocks would be a great trip for a first timer.

Michigan Adventures Tasmin Andres

A friend and coworker mentioned she knew someone that might be interested in joining us and offered to ask her if she’d be interested in taking a spot.

Anna, who grew up in the Bay Area, had recently moved to Cleveland to attend Med School; she was in search of a go-to backpacking crew, and Northern Michigan was on her list of places to go. Much to my bewilderment, she was in. I sent her my detailed itinerary (you know, the kind I’d send to my mom), but we still all knew that there was a lot of trust and mystery involved.

It definitely felt strange. Because we had a mutual friend, I had some confidence that she wasn’t weird, but there was a pang of doubt inside me. What if she didn’t have the same pace, or worse, sense of humor, as my hiking partner and I?

It turns out that she did. With three ladies tightly squeezed in one tent, we trusted each other through a night drive, nearly running out of gas in the Upper Peninsula at 4 am, aches and blisters, and singing our way through a miserably rainy last day, not to mention all the amazing moments and views we took in together.

Even though it worked out great for me, here at Mappy Hour, we don’t actually want you to get in cars with strangers. We want to inspire your next adventure. We want to provide you with useful tools, and connect you with a network so you can get outside, whether it’s your lifelong passion or a recent interest.

To achieve this, Mappy Hour is growing city by city, and next up is Cleveland. Located on the shores of Lake Erie and short drives from a treasure trove of Midwestern destinations, Cleveland has something for everyone, for every season. Look out for upcoming events, including the chapter launch on February 6, where we’ll hear from Dan Sahli of the Cleveland Metroparks on Cross Country Skiing.

About Cleveland’s Co-Founder, Tasmin Andres:

Tasmin Andres, Mappy Hour ClevelandRaised in a town between Lake Erie and the Grand River, Tasmin grew up canoeing on the lake and stomping in creeks. However, her thirst to be outside truly started to grow after her first backpacking trip as a broke college kid looking for a Spring Break trip that didn’t cost a fortune. Since that trip, she has also embraced bike commuting, been taught how to ski, and grown an interest in kayaking. These days, you’ll also catch her with her dog, Peaches, in tow.




Mappy Hour Cleveland Launch Poster

Mappy Hour Cleveland Launch Details:


Who: Anyone who loves to hike, kayak, ski, surf, climb, and generally explore the great outdoors.

What: A happy hour with a twist to bring together the local outdoor community. Every month a new speaker will highlight local recreation opportunities. This month’s event features Dan Sahli of Cleveland Metroparks who will dive into cross country skiing.

When: February 6, 2018, 6:00-8:00PM


Terrestrial Brewing Company
7524 Father Frascati
Cleveland, OH 44102


Cost: Free – just bring some guidebooks and maps to share!


For more information and to RSVP please see


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