We’re Recruiting for a New Mappy Hour Durham Chapter Leader!

Written by mappyhour

We’re recruiting! Mappy Hour (http://mappyhour.org/) is a national community of urban dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. We believe you can live in the city AND love the outdoors which is why we create monthly meet-ups to hear from local experts, learn about new trips and find adventure buddies. Here’s our manifesto: https://mappyhour.org/blog/mappy-manifesto.

After a successful beta launch, Mappy Hour Durham is ready to take it up a notch but we need YOU. We’re currently in search of a new Chapter Leader as well as city hosts. As the chapter leader you will be responsible for organizing 8 events over a 12 month period (when your “term” starts) and hosts will be your supportive teammates.

You will have direct mentorship from Sharon Bruce (current chapter leader) and MH Founder Sarah.

Here you can find a brief overview of what it’s like to lead a chapter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12601oechHUK1WMAJAQOTv0fnzGQV8GsAxduDFSKxJRg/edit?usp=sharing

To apply, please use the Google Form  below or here:  https://goo.gl/forms/ZLgpuxzwYUX7X5lI3