Mappy Hour is:

History of Mappy Hour

A short history of the origins of Mappy Hour:

Mappy Hour began in Stumptown Coffee Roasters on 8th Street in New York City. Sarah and Alex were meeting to discuss an exciting new festival coming to the city: OutdoorFest. Alex was venting her frustration about the lack of outdoor community in New York.

Alex: In Denver, people, like, bring maps to bars

Sarah: that would be awesome if we could have a bar here to do that at

Alex: Yes some sort of community event with maps and beer

Sarah: We could call it Mappy Hour.

Since then, we’ve had Mappy Hours in dozens of cities, added new elements such as monthly speakers and Adventure Corners, and with the help of the team at Massive Platform launched a fully dedicated site for the community at

Beer Over Cover Culture

(tried & failed)

Originally, the ideas was to have a “beer over cover” culture where we created our own “bar” type space. At the first few months of Mappy Hour’s in New York City this worked great with everyone bringing their favorite beer and sharing. Ultimately, we, like many before who have attempted to employ structures around collective action were faced with the free-rider problem (namely, new people didn’t bring beer) so while we still encourage everyone to bring their favorite maps, the organizers now set-up the alcohol and sometimes there is a cover fee to help cover these costs.