Welcome to the brand new Mappy Hour hub. Below we cover a few key questions about the Mappy Hour community and the MappyHour.org website. If you have any other questions, shoot us a note.

What is Mappy Hour?

Mappy Hour is a community of urban dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. We started in New York City in 2014 and now have chapters around North America.

Can I join?

Heck yes! Even if we don’t have a chapter in your location yet, we’d love to have your passion and expertise be part of our ever-growing online network. It’s free and easy to make a profile, after you join you’ll be able to sign up for events and connect with other members.

How do I get a Mappy Hour in my city?

Option 1) Create your profile and wait until someone else starts your city chapter

Option 2) Apply to start a chapter in your city

Why did you decide to create a hub?

This new platform will allow us to connect with each other not only through our awesome local chapters but to the ever growing global Mappy Hour community.

Do I have to make a profile?

Yes please. 

Is my email safe?

We do not share your email with anyone outside of the MH organization.

How do I keep my account private from the public and/or from Google?

It’s actually super easy. User > Account Settings > Privacy to adjust your settings.

Can I contribute to the blog?

Yes! Read our guidelines here.


I have feedback

Shoot us a message! 

How do I use this new site?

Below are a few of the cool features we have already (with many more on the way!)

Follow and message other members

Follow a new Mappy Hour friend by heading to their profile and clicking the blue “Follow” Button


They will receive a notification and the option to follow you back. If they do so, you’ll see a blue link saying “Send X a message” which will go directly to their email. If they choose not to follow you back you cannot message them directly.

how-to-use-the-platform-iiStart your own blog

Yes, that’s right, you can create a micro-blog on the site. By following our editorial and submission guidelines, your stories, trip recaps and community news will be shared on the global blog as well as on your city’s page and your own personal profile (see Mappy Hour’s “recent articles” as an example).

Make adventure travel easier

Are you heading to a new city and looking to explore? As our community grows you’ll be able to find adventure buddies and recommendations globally. Reach out to a new friend for beta, or search the blog for adventure stories from that area.