Maker Series: Michelle Hyewon of Stitchback Stories

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New York — Monday, September 26, 2022From 20:00 to 21:00Seattle — Monday, September 26, 2022From 17:00 to 18:00Denver — Monday, September 26, 2022From 18:00 to 19:00Chicago — Monday, September 26, 2022From 19:00 to 20:00


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We're excited to introduce this month's maker... Michelle!

"Howdy, I’m Michelle. And Hyewon is my Korean name. When I was a kid I would take apart my stuffed animals to try to figure out how they were constructed. That strange habit transitioned into my design career, and now I use those same techniques to solve creative problems.

Outside of design I love to road trip in my Subaru, cheer for my Dodgers & go backpacking in the mountains.

Born & Raised: Los Angeles
Trained in Design: Philadelphia
Currently in: Torrence, CA."

Join Mappy Hour's Erica Zazo for a virtual chat with Michelle all about her company Stitchback Stories where she creates beautiful and sustainable embroidered products. We'll dive into her background as an artist, starting a business, and living in cities across the country and also getting outdoors.

You may have even seen Michelle's work already, Liv used her custom Mappy Hour patch when creating the allmansright ultralight pack over the summer!

About the Mappy Hour Maker Series

Throughout our Mappy Hour community are incredibly talented makers. Many of whom do this work as a side project to full time jobs. We wanted to share their passions and skills with the broader community, which is why we're launching the Mappy Hour Maker Series. Every month, we'll feature a different maker from one of our chapters and give them the floor to share how they started, how the outdoors influences their creative processes and how you can win one of their custom pieces.

This entire series is presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - so grab a cold brew, relax and come join in!