Revolution Brewing is beer for the people, brewed in the heart of Chicago.

In the summer of 1995, Josh Deth landed a job cleaning tanks and scrubbing kegs. As he progressed in the industry to work as a cellarman and brewer, he dreamed up plans for what would become Revolution Brewing. Years later, as the owner of a cycling-themed neighborhood bar and restaurant, the idea of opening a brewery of his own began to tug at him again. After a few years of raising funds, planning construction, and dealing with the zoning department, Revolution Brewing opened up in February 2010. Our production brewery and Taproom opened two years later.

Since then, we've become the largest independent brewery in the state, creating inspiring beers for Revolutionaries from all walks of life. We started as a neighborhood Brewpub and have always worked to represent the best of our community and everything that makes Chicago home. Join the Revolution!


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