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Mappy Hour

We’re a community of urban dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. Our goal at Mappy Hour is to create safe and supportive physical and digital spaces for urban dwellers looking to connect with nature, outdoor recreation and each other.

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Earth Month Guide

Earth Month is here! Please take a gander at a few tips we have complied to help you find your most sustainable‑self! There's No Planet...

Tips for Hiking in Winter

Mappy Hour Founder Sarah Knapp interviews professional guide Jana Paramoud about how to stay safe and comfortable hiking in winter

Great Lake Surfing all four seasons

Mappy Hour Chicago Leader Erica Zazo interviews the Sleeping Bear Sisters about surf culture in Michigan, environmentalism in the Midwest and surfing the Great Lakes all four seasons.

How to Become a Mappy Hour Chapter Leader

We get a lot of emails at Mappy Hour from people looking to bring Mappy Hour to their cities. In short: the answer is...

Maker Series: Hunter Leach of Snowday Leather

Mappy Hour interviewed Hunter Leach about his business Snowday Leather

Maker Series: Josh Helke, founder of Organic Climbing

The September installment of the Mappy Hour Maker Series, presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. we're featuring Josh Heike, the founder and president of...

Introducing: Eco.Crews

The team at Mappy Hour has long been thinking about how to rally our robust members in service of the world's most critical challenge:...

Back to School: Outdoor Skills Month

September is officially "Back to School" month at Mappy Hour and chapters across the country are celebrating with learning opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts of...

NYC: Fall Foliage at Gertrude’s Nose

The best hike in the Hudson Valley is even better during fall

DEN: Exploring the Majestic Beauty of Herman Gulch Trail

Herman Gulch Trail offers a great day hike near Denver

Exploring Urban Wildlife with CJ Greco

Last month, we asked Chicago explorer CJ Greco to share their experience exploring urban wildlife. In this piece, CJ reflects on the past, present...

The Devil’s Path Traverse (in winter)

Hiker and mountaineer Patty Alcivar hikes the infamous Devil's Path in the winter