Watch: Skiing In Color with artist Lamont Joseph White

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“It’s often said, that race doesn’t matter or that color isn’t seen. Yet, as a person of color, life has proven otherwise, through both positive and negative interactions.

Being born and raised in the NYC metro area allowed me to enjoy profound diversity. Now, living and recreating in beautiful Park City, UT, I’m keenly aware of the rareness of black and brown faces in the mountain and outdoor environment. I know, no surprise there. Yet, the black skier and outdoor person obviously exist, but I’ve found an apparent segregation in these spaces… not dissimilar to many other contexts.

Also, I once recall a local business owner remark that “Black people don’t ski”. These types of assumptions and experiences lead me to creating the Skiing In Color collection… where color is normative and celebrated.

Whatever our background and cultures, there is much to celebrate. Normalizing these differences creates a better environment to live and partake in.

It’s often said that race doesn’t matter or that color isn’t seen. My preferences instead is to see our differences to better embrace them.” – Lamont Joseph White

Lamont Joseph White shares his new exhibit “Skiing in Color” with the Mappy Hour community.