Submission Guidelines

These are submission guidelines for the Mappy Hour blog.

Hello writers of Mappy Hour! We are currently experiencing some maintenance issues with the “submit your own” process. Please just email us at to be featured. Thanks!

How does this blog work?

We’ve set it up so any member of the community can submit content to the blog. Your stories will be shared not only on the main blog but also within your own personal profile page – in essence, allowing you to host your own micro-blog on the site!

So anyone can contribute?

The only requirement is that you’re a member of the community. All contributions will be reviewed by our leadership team before being published.

What types of articles are appropriate?

We love original content including trip recaps, local beta, and community news. If you represent a company or organization please email for information on best practices for sharing your content.

What’s required?

Submissions must be between 400 and 1500 words. You must include a header photo. Photos may not be bigger than 1000px wide or 1000px high.

Credits & Tags

  • You may not post words or photos that you do not have permission to post.
  • We use a tagging system so the the posts will also appear on your profile!

Please note, by submitting you agree that our staff can tweak the piece for readability (add headings, update spelling etc.)

Using this blog for commercial purposes is not allowed. 

Questions? Feedback?  We want to know!