Earth Month Guide

Earth Month is here! Please take a gander at a few tips we have complied to help you find your most sustainable‑self!

There’s No Planet B

This Earth Month, we wanted to challenge ourselves (and all of you) to try out new ways of more sustainable living. So we reached out to a few of our favorite environmentalists on instagram and our chapter leaders to hear their favorite tips including 1. Buy in bulk 2. Join a local organization 3. Ride your bike 4. Eat vegetarian for a day/week 5. Track your carbon footprint and make a off‑set donation through Native Forests; Are you in? Tag #MappyHour as you experiment and challenge yourselves with a few small steps that make a big difference!

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Buy in Bulk

Krista / @browngirl_green recommends: Buy in bulk whenever possible. It saves money, you’ll most likely eat healthier (if you choose to buy more healthy; dried nuts, seeds, legumes etc.), and it reduces your plastic use/waste!

Find a Community

Rozina / @rozikanch recommends: 1. Find a group that aligns with your values and join forces with those making change. Here are some large organizations with local chapters worth exploring: Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Clean Energy Leadership Institute, The Sunrise Movement, the Sierra Club. 2. If you suffer from climate anxiety, find a like‑minded community that can relate and is working on climate issues. Realize you’re not alone in the struggle. An oft‑quoted statement rings true: Action is the antidote to despair. 3. Determine your climate‑friendly choices. While individual actions alone won’t solve climate change, they send a signal to companies that people demand better. It’s the reason plastic straws are now banned from some coffee shops and plant‑based hamburgers are now mainstream.

Ride your Bike

Mappy Hour Founder Sarah Knapp / @srhknpp recommends: Biking is an easy and fun way for me to lessen my carbon footprint while also getting a workout on the daily!

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