Introducing: Eco.Crews

The team at Mappy Hour has long been thinking about how to rally our robust members in service of the world’s most critical challenge: climate change.

While, Mappy Hour chapters have hosted many individual events over the years, we’re excited to finally be offering a multi-part, expert led program with the goal of supporting our members in moving from climate curious to action!

We are excited to share that we’re teaming up with Chicago based non-profit Eco.Logic Programs to host Eco.Crews in NYC, DC, and Chicago.

What Are Eco.Crews?

Eco.Crews are designed to give people space to talk about environmental issues and help them take action through the support of a community.

Individuals are placed in small groups (“crews”) that meet weekly for 6 weeks. Each crew has an expert facilitator to guide the group’s discussions and each week there is a call to action.

Through this program, participants will: 

📖 Learn more about environmental topics⁠

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Build community with others through shared interests and goals 

✅ Gain practical tips to take meaningful action

What is the Curriculum?

Note: The program is open to anyone whether they are climate curious or a climate expert.

Session Topics:

October 11 – Climate Change and Environmental Justice.

October 18 – The role of the individual in the systemic challenge

October 25 – The role of money in climate

November 1 – Environmental Anxiety

November 8 – Practical tools for climate change communications

November 15 – Local Advocacy

Where are the Crews being hosted?

This year, we’ll have three crews: NYC, DC, and Chicago. Our in-person crews are all being held at central, accessible locations.

The program takes place over 6 Wednesdays in October/November.

What is Eco.logic

Eco.Logic is an education, arts, and community building non-profit that inspires people to take tangible action to address climate change. Through an inclusive and intersectional approach, we make environmental education accessible and personal, inspiring people to join the environmental movement in ways unique to them.

How do I learn more / sign up?

NYC Crew

Chicago Crew

DC Crew

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