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Mappy Hour

We’re a community of urban dwelling outdoor enthusiasts. Our goal at Mappy Hour is to create safe and supportive physical and digital spaces for urban dwellers looking to connect with nature, outdoor recreation and each other.

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Namaste on the Rocks Red Rocks & Reid Wellness

People visit Red Rocks for a variety of reasons. Some to see a concert, others to take in the natural beauty of the park,...

Kayaking Constitution Marsh

This is one of our curated Mappy Hour itineraries. If you're looking for more local adventure suggestions and other outdoorsy New Yorkers, join Mappy...

DEN: Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

The Mappy Hour Denver chapter heads out on an early morning adventure

Biking, Camping and Climbing in the Ozark High-Country

Biking, camping and climbing in the Ozarks from Bentonville to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Chef Corso: How to Make Backcountry Cooking Delicious

How Chef Corso helps backpackers eat healthy and delicious meals on the trails.

Bikepacking the Northern Central Rail Trail from Maryland to Pennsylvania

Since I started bikepacking last year, I’ve been working on building - from mileage to elevation gain, to technical challenge. As I planned my...

Samgyeopsal vs Steak: The Beauty of Barbecue in Korea and the US

If you’re eating outdoors, no food really hits the spot like barbecue. Whether you’re roasting hot dogs on a campfire or flipping burgers on...

GAPCO: Bikepacking from D.C. to Pittsburgh

At the beginning of the year, I didn’t even own a bike.  After spending the last 3 years finding my footing in the world...

Earth Month Guide

Earth Month is here! Please take a gander at a few tips we have complied to help you find your most sustainable‑self! There's No Planet...

Watch: Chicago Transit Hikes with Lindsay Welbers

Lindsay Welbers joined Mappy Hour Chicago to talk about hiking by transit in and around Chicago. Along with being the writer behind the blog...

Watch: Benji Alexander: The First Jamaican Olympic Alpine Skier?

"Most Olympic hopefuls haven’t already had a successful career as an international DJ before they compete for a medal and even fewer winter Olympians...

Watch: Hillary Allen, Out and Back

"But somewhere along the way, I realized that what I was chasing was already gone. That the moment I fell off the cliff, I...