Full datetime event: 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018From 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm


Triangle Rock Club
4700 Thalbro St
Richmond, VA 23230


I know that it's getting cold out which means our spring, summer, and fall activities are coming to a close. Fortunate for us, climbing is not one of them. I started climbing a few years back and full disclosure, I am not that good. However, I love that challenge it brings. It takes physical and mental discipline to really be great.

The rise of climbing gyms in the US is almost on par with that of the craft beer movement. It is exciting to see people take up the sport and get active. If you have not just on the climbing train you should definitely give it a try.

Lucky for you, we are partnering with Triangle Rock Club and Sierra Nevada for Novembers Mappy Hour. TRC is a climbing, fitness, yoga, and spa gym that is new to the Richmond area. For Mappy Hour, TRC will be talking gear, getting started, and local climbing crags. Brews will be provided by Sierra Nevada.

Heads up:
Climbing will take place from 6-7pm and the talk starts at 7pm.

Cost for first-time non-members to climb is $15 and $17 for repeats

Of course, the talk and hanging out is FREE!

Hope to see you out.