Mappy Hour SGF: Sequiota Park - Floating Wetlands

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Thursday, January 17, 2019From 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


4 by 4 Brewing Company
2811 E Galloway St Ste. A, Springfield, MO 65804


Have you seen those strange floating structures at Sequiota Park and wondered if they had a purpose? They do! They were built and installed by the City of Springfield to combat algae growth in the lake. Each summer, the lake is coated with a thick layer of unsightly green scum. Algae growth is caused by a combination of warm temperatures, sunlight and excess nutrients in stormwater runoff. When it rains, stormwater picks up a variety of sources of nutrients, including fertilizers, animal waste and lawn debris. One innovative technique for treating urban runoff is the use of constructed wetlands. These man-made floating structures are designed to mimic a natural wetland ecosystem by providing shade and wildlife cover, and by absorbing excess nutrients in the lake. City of Springfield Stormwater Specialist Sarah Davis was involved in the design and launch of the wetlands and will discuss tips and tricks for anyone interested in building their own wetland!