LIVE with Derick Lugo, author of The Unlikely Thru-Hiker

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Seattle — Friday, October 18, 2019From 0:15 to 1:15Denver — Friday, October 18, 2019From 1:15 to 2:15Chicago — Friday, October 18, 2019From 2:15 to 3:15New York — Friday, October 18, 2019From 3:15 to 4:15


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It's our first ever YouTube Live and you're invited! Join us as we chat with author Derick Lugo about his new book: The Unlikely Thru-Hiker: An Appalachian Trail Journey

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Derick Lugo had never hiked or camped a day in his life. This Brooklyn-born, New York City urbanite hopped a train to Georgia, grabbed a taxi at the station, and told the cab driver to drop him off at the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. Then he did as he has always done — put one foot in front of the other and never looked back.

After hiking for more than 2,000 miles, he now feels invincible and plans to cross the Sahara barefoot. (Not really, but when an ambitious spirit is successful, it will strive for even greater accomplishments.)

The Unlikely Thru-Hikeris his debut memoir.

About the book:

Derick Lugo had never been hiking. He certainly couldn’t imagine going more than a day without manicuring his goatee. But with a job cut short and no immediate plans, this fixture of the New York comedy scene began to think about what he might do with months of free time. He had heard of the Appalachian Trail, but he had never seriously considered attempting to hike all 2,192 miles of it. Suddenly he found himself asking, Could he do it?

The Unlikely Thru-Hiker is the story of a young black man setting off from the city with an extremely overweight pack and a willfully can-do attitude. What follows are lessons on preparation, humility, race relations, and nature’s wild unpredictability. Through it all, Derick (Mr. Fabulous) refuses to let any challenge squash his inner Pollyanna, persevering with humor, tenacity, and an unshakeable commitment to grooming that sees him from Georgia to Maine.

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