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Sunday, May 8, 2022From 11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Rose Park
Rose Park, in Georgetown/Dupont.

We'll be meeting just south of the playground, off of 27th St NW.

Parking in the area is limited, but the area is accessible on foot, by bike, or by public transport. The nearest station is Dupont Circle on the Red Line.


Join me (Jun) for an ultra-casual late morning/early afternoon Carbs & Coffee Outdoors at Rose Park in Georgetown from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm!

Traditionally, Coffee Outdoors is enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts all around the world by bringing your own grounds, water, a water heating method, and brewing your own coffee from scratch outdoors with a bunch of like-minded folks.

To keep it low maintenance, feel free to make coffee at home and bring it with you to enjoy in the park.

Or if you want to go all out, make sure you have enough water, a water boiling method (i.e. camp stove), a coffee brewing method (i.e. travel pourover set), and a mug/thermos to sip from; and we will bring the coffee grounds for you.

We are proudly sponsored by Kuju Coffee who is providing us with camp pour-overs to use there or to take home for your next outdoor adventure.

Whatever your style, make sure you also bring a carb to munch on. Maybe you're a quarantine baker and want to bring extras to share, in which case we say, show us what you got!

Interested in volunteering with Mappy Hour? Or know somebody who would make a great Mappy Hour speaker? Let us know!


Health and Safety

We will be following all local and national guidelines.

For this type of outdoor event, this means that we do not require the wearing of masks, but do encourage it if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Event will be cancelled in the event of rain or other inclement weather.