"Where The Rope Ends" Canyoneering Film Screening

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Monday, November 20, 2023From 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
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Mappy Hour Seattle members are invited to attend a special screening of an indie documentary about a canyoneering accident and rescue that took place right here in the Puget Sound area.

The film is called “Where The Rope Ends” and it’s showing this Monday Nov 20th from 6-8:30pm at SIFF Uptown in LQA. More info at www.wheretheropeends.com.

It's about a Harborview nurse who was in a canyoneering accident at Wallace Falls, her Snohomish County SAR rescue, and her road to recovery.

The screening will also include a happy hour, Q+A, and raffle of an AirBNB vacation package among other prizes. Local members of the climbing community as well as Search and Rescue will be in attendance.

We have 10 free tickets for the first 10 Mappy Hour members to RSVP, as well as Buy One Get One discount codes available. RSVP here on this page to reveal the discount codes!

More about the film from director Baylee Sinner:

Event Overview

Local film featuring a Harborview Nurse that fell 60-feet and was saved by Snohomish Search and Rescue, premiers at SIFF Uptown on 11/20 at 6:00PM. This will be the last Seattle screening before the team embarks on their international film tour. Event highlights include an exclusive Q&A with Nichole Doane, the subject of the film and the Director, Baylee Sinner as well as an exciting raffle with two treehouse vacations and outdoor gear.

Tickets can be purchased here (the last 2 events sold out, reserve your spot ASAP!): https://wheretheropeends.ticketspice.com/where-the-rope-ends-friends-family-fundraising-screening

Film Description

Where the Rope Ends is about Nichole Doane, a trauma nurse from Seattle, who found herself suspended 100 feet above the ground after a rappelling error, in a state of panic. It was in this terrifying moment that she had a profound mental transformation, which not only spared her life but also became her guiding light during the challenging journey of recovery following her harrowing fall.

Film Summary

In her relentless pursuit of happiness, Nichole found herself drawn to the exhilarating realm of canyoneering. Little did she know that this new daring interest would lead to a life-altering 60-foot fall, during which she would catch a glimpse of the happiness she was chasing.

A perilous volunteer search and rescue mission brought Nichole to safety only to face a new set of challenges and severe physical injuries.

Determined to regain her former life, Nichole disregarded her pain and learnings and continued the repetitive cycle of pushing toward a perceived happiness that was always just out of reach. At her lowest point, Nichole was forced to quit pushing against her reality, to sit still and ultimately uncover the secret path to happiness

Film Reviews

"I cried 3 times." - Mallorie Estenson

"Where the Rope Ends is impressive, well-done, incredibly touching, emotional and thought-provoking. I’m still thinking and mulling over different aspects of the film days after watching." - Sarah Argudo

"So much courage and beauty. It was difficult to watch at times, even though I know how magnificently Nichole has emerged from this. I am inspired and have no words. Stunning." - Shannon Burk

"The film made me want to be less critical of myself and get back to my former-state of being happy." - Anonymous

"Great, captivating, emotional, and empathy evoking movie. I’ve always thought about joining Search and Rescue, now I know the importance and that I can give back even if I don’t join." - Vivien Zolle

"So well done. So inspirational. I appreciate the vulnerability, authenticity and thought provoking methods of revealing circumstances." - Sheri

Directors Statement

In 2017, during my impulsive decision to join yoga teacher training as a stress-relief from my commercial advertising job, I unexpectedly crossed paths with Nichole. At that time, she sat in a wheelchair, her pelvis held together by a metal bar. Little did I know that this encounter would mark the beginning of a transformative 5-year journey.
Not only is Nichole the central focus of the film, but also a producer, and a very important person in my life. Our shared experience has tested us in countless ways, becoming profound sources of growth and enlightenment and often paralleling themes displayed in the film. It’s my goal to help those universal themes come to life so that viewers can think about how they apply to their own life.
Over the years, we’ve compiled user sourced images, cinematic reenactments, and beautiful designs to help tell the story, thanks to countless incredible film professionals that have volunteered their time. I want the audience to get lost in the story as it blends what a traditional documentary is using narrative story elements and Nichole’s natural on camera presence to deliver an impactful message that people can begin applying to their own lives.
Baylee Sinner

How this film will benefit Search and Rescue

Nichole Doane and Baylee Sinner began this journey in May of 2017 after meeting in Yoga Teacher Training. Nichole was initially hesitant to be the subject of the film, but would agree upon one condition: It must benefit Search and Rescue. It’s taken almost six years to complete the film thanks to hard work, countless incredible film volunteers in the Seattle area, a design and animation team in Italy, and many more supporters. The Where the Rope Ends team is now planning their international Search and Rescue Awareness event taking place April 21-27th, 2024. Over 30 volunteer chapters are already signed on to participate by screening the film to their communities as a tool to fundraise, recruit, and raise awareness. Visit their website to find out how to get involved: https://www.wheretheropeends.com/

Healthcare Perspective

My name is Nichole Doane and I work as an Intensive Care float nurse at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. I became a patient in my own hospital in 2017 after an outdoor adventure with nurse friends went awry. I learned many important lessons from my experience that have changed the way I work through difficult moments in my life, as well as at the bedside. I realize that now more than ever, nurses feel a deep need to be seen, heard and valued. That is why I am thrilled to introduce you to the feature length documentary film I’ve been working on for the past 6 years that highlights the challenges nurses encounter and the personal growth that is born from those challenges.