Three Wolves and a Moon Snowshoe Extravaganza!

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Friday, January 10, 2020From 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
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Anywhere between 6.5 and 12 miles, depending on route/conditions during the "Wolf Moon".

Exclusive Prizes from National Geographic and more! (bonus points if you wear a Three Wolves and a Moon shirt)

$ — The cost towards this experience is allocated for your National Geographic (Topographic) Trails Illustrated map. You will receive a paper map and a location to meet after registration. As part of this experience, you'll receive no official guiding in the forest.

We'll start off before dark, and hike for a total of 6.5–12 miles. If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Goldsmith (

Snow conditions will vary! Please drive carefully and with patience. You must bring snowshoes or alpine-touring gear for snow-travel.
As part of this experience, you'll receive no official guiding in the forest. This is an informal meetup amongst friends who happen to attend Mappy Hours on a semi-regular basis.

Consider your pack for winter activities!
Bring a "bigger" backpack for winter sports (to hold cold-weather gear)
(also consider a trash bag inserted as a liner to keep things dry)

• Bring snowshoes! (or AT gear)
• High boot gaiters
• Neck Gaiter or Balaclava (mmm… baklava…)
• Microspikes or Yaktrax
• Snow baskets on your hiking poles
• Chemical hand/toe warmers
• Ties or bungies for attaching snowshoes to your pack
• Thermos with hot beverage/water
• "Sit Pad" for stopping/resting
• Warm/Hot Water — (at least 1.5L) [it will freeze!]
• Tea/Warm-dranks

Please bring the 10 essentials appropriate to the weather and a day (4 hour) trip:
• Sunglasses/sunscreen/goggles (eye/skin protection)
• Clothing Layers
• Headlamp/extra batteries
• Personal first aid kit
• Knife
• Extra food
• Compass & Map
• Fire starter kit
• Emergency shelter or bivy.
• Water— warm/hot drink

Mappy Hour assumes no responsibility for your safety, security, and enjoyment during this experience. By confirming registration, you agree to a "coordinated" snowshoe hike in the forest as a social group / social meetup.

Event refund policy

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