Leavenworth Weekender: Outdoor Gear Spring Cleaning Clinic

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StartFriday, March 1, 2024 5:00 pm
EndSunday, March 3, 2024 12:00 pm
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With Seattle spring around the corner, it's time to pack up the winter gear and get out your favorite camping and hiking gear.

Oh no! Your tent isn't repelling water like it used to. Your high performance breathable clothing is now cooking you like an emergency poncho. And your camp stove is taking forever to cook your food.

  • What are the main culprits that degrade outdoor gear performance over time?

  • What are best practices that ensure outdoor gear longevity?

  • How to restore lost functionality due to normal wear and tear?

  • And what preventative care is best to perform before, during, or after seasonal use?

Join us anytime Friday March 1st through Sunday March 3rd for a crash course in outdoor gear care, hosted by Mappy Hour Seattle in a private AirBNB cabin in Leavenworth, WA.

Since personal equipment and schedules vary, we are trying out a drop-in style spring cleaning clinic approach all weekend long.

RSVP here to schedule a time to meet with our instructors onsite for a quick gear inspection, and we will provide you with personalized instruction and materials to team up and tackle your specific outdoor gear needs.

We estimate that the spring cleaning clinic is a 1 to 3 hour commitment, depending on skills to learn and work to perform. It may require multiple days of attention in case gear needs to dry or cure overnight.

Attendees will receive a custom-tailored outdoor gear clinic, including:

  • A form to submit your personal gear in need of attention
  • A 1:1 gear inspection by our qualified instructors
  • Instruction and demonstration of how to repair and maintain your gear
  • Access to shared tools and waterproofing and cleaning materials
  • Time and space to clean, waterproof, dry, and repair your personal gear
  • Guidance, supervision, and troubleshooting expertise from qualified instructors
  • A reference document with general outdoor gear cleaning and preventative maintenance best practices
  • Followup referrals to local outdoor gear repair centers if major repairs are required

Attendees may bring their own:

  • Outdoor clothing and footwear
  • Tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks
  • Camp stoves such as Coleman and Jetboil (BYO fuel)
  • Water filtration devices such as Lifestraw and water bladders such as Camelbak

RSVP today! Clinic cost is $40 per person. Click "Register" on this event page to reserve a seat.

Early bird special: 50% off registration for first 5 RSVPs by Sunday, February 25th.

Volunteer roles: Help other chapter members learn skills and get their gear ready for summer in exchange for waived clinic admission. We have 3 volunteer spots available. If interested, contact the event leads directly by Sunday, February 25th.

This event is part of our 4-day Leavenworth Weekender winter retreat. See below for our full weekend schedule. Come and go where you can! Remote workers welcome, we have plenty of space and strong wifi.

Thursday, February 29th:
Carpool from Seattle and Tacoma to Leavenworth
BYO dinner
3pm-10pm Leap Year Night Skiing at Stevens Pass
Check in to Leavenworth cabin AirBNB

Friday, March 1st:
BYO breakfast
Begin drop-in Outdoor Gear Spring Cleaning Clinic
9am-4pm Friday Skiing with Lessons at Stevens Pass
BYO lunch
BYO dinner
Sleep at Leavenworth cabin AirBNB

Saturday, March 2nd:
BYO breakfast
Continue drop-in Outdoor Gear Spring Cleaning Clinic
BYO lunch
11am-3pm Icicle Ridge Overlook hike
Explore downtown Leavenworth + Leavenworth alpine coaster
Dinner and drinks in downtown Leavenworth
Sleep at Leavenworth cabin AirBNB

Sunday, March 3rd:
BYO breakfast
Conclude drop-in Outdoor Gear Spring Cleaning Clinic
9am-4pm Sunday Skiing with Lessons at Stevens Pass
12pm checkout from Leavenworth cabin AirBNB
BYO lunch
Carpool back from Stevens Pass to Seattle and Tacoma

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