Watch: Benji Alexander: The First Jamaican Olympic Alpine Skier?

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“Most Olympic hopefuls haven’t already had a successful career as an international DJ before they compete for a medal and even fewer winter Olympians hail from Caribbean heritage (with some notable exceptions).” – Powder Magazine

Meet Benji Alexander, Jamaica’s first Olympic alpine skier …. in the making.

While he only learned to ski five years ago, his singular focus on making it to the Olympics has driven Benji to uproot his life and fully commit to the endeavor.

Last year, when COVID caused the ski resorts to close and seemingly cut the ski season short, Benji didn’t miss a beat. He continued training on skis, this time in the backcountry.

Tonight, Benji joins us to share his story, his Olympic aspirations, and his newfound love for backcountry skiing as a way to explore and improve his fitness.