DEN: Snow Tech Round Table Discussion

Denver’s second Mappy Hour, on January 25, consisted of a roundtable-style discussion on modern and emerging snow tech specific to backcountry skiing. Matt Doyle of FATMAP, a 3D mapping app for outdoor adventurers, led the discussion.

The event took place at the Denver Beer Co., known for its creative craft brews like its award-winning Graham Cracker Porter.

Before we got started, we filled out the usual Mappy Hour nametags. They include three parts: your name, something you already know a lot about, and something you’d like to learn more about.

Instead of the traditional presentation-style Mappy Hour, Doyle hosted a talk that focused highly on audience participation. He posed questions like: How many people backcountry ski and for those who don’t, what are the biggest barriers? And what kind of tools do people use to plan their outdoor adventures—are they digital, analog, or a hybrid of the two?

As usual, we had the traditional #MappyHour Instagram giveaway, and the lucky winner took home some epic NatGeo maps.

This meetup will be featured on the local outdoorsy podcast Dispatch Radio. Tune in to catch up on the audio version of this month’s Mappy Hour!

Keep an eye out for the next Denver Mappy Hour, coming February 2017.

Check out the full album (and tag yourself!) here on Facebook. All photos courtesy of Alan Westman

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