Our Favorite Map Art

Maps were originally designed for the purpose of helping you navigate from one place to another. They can vary in size, color, detail, and paper type. Most maps include basic things, such as a key or a unit of measurement. Over the years, maps have changed a great deal, and art has had a huge influence on their designs. What once were only used as a form of navigation, have now become art pieces to hang in your living room. Check out this list of our favorite map art.

Yosemite National Park

This watercolor map was designed by Lisa Siemonsma as a custom wedding map. She illustrates notable places like Half Dome, Tuolumne Meadows, and El Capitan.

Appalachian Trail

Steven Stankiewicz is the man behind this beautiful watercolor map of the Appalachian Trial. From Maine to Georgia, he captures the unique creatures of each state with magnificent colors. The beginning and the end of the trail are marked by detailed images of hikers.


This map, illustrated by Carmen Saldana, highlights famous places in California and beyond. The animated drawings and rich colors make this map look more like a poster you could hang in your bedroom. It’s a creative, eye catching, new spin on a traditional map of California.

Fall Foliage

This easy-to-read map shows the best time to see fall foliage throughout the entire U.S. This can be great for adventurers and hikers looking to hit the trails at peak times.


This map, designed by Libby Vanderploeg in 2016, shows the Adirondack Hike for Hope course. This hike was set up to raise money for Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston, MA. Illustrated is the Northville – Placid Trail, a 133-mile foot trail that by passes the park’s highest summits.



This map was designed by Sarah Uhl for Outdoor Research to support the organization’s Access To The Outdoors campaign. This map is special because it features the impressive range of wildlife that’s native to each part of the country. The idea behind it is to get people outdoors and see what the natural world has to offer.


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