DEN: Fly Fishing in the Front Range

When: May 22
Where: Sanitas Brewing Company
Speaker: Wallace Westfeldt of Front Range Anglers

On May 22, a small group gathered at Boulder’s Sanitas Brewing Co. to learn about fly fishing in the Front Range. Wallace Westfeldt, who’s been fly fishing for decades and has taught and guided at Front Range Anglers for the past nine years, presented.

Photo: Alan Westman

Westfeldt shared his top tips for any fly fisher, regardless of whether you’ve been fishing for years or you’re just learning how.

Expert Fly Fishing Tips:

Don’t fish unless you can see them. Unlike bait fishing, with fly fishing, you should be able to see the fish you’re going after. You aren’t just sitting there, waiting for one to come along. You’re actively seeking them out.

Drop your angle. If the fish aren’t biting, add weight to the drop factor or change your feeding zone.

Photo: Alan Westman

By making the most of these tips, you can increase your odds of catching something that day. “You hear people talking about smart fish, but there’s no such thing,” says Westfeldt.

A huge thanks to Alan Westman, our photographer, for the awesome photos!

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