Rockin’ out with TRC & Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Recap

Last Tuesday Mappy Hour got after it in the climbing gym. We had an amazing time partnering with Triangle Rock Club and Sierra Nevada. The crew spent an hour experiencing the array of climbing routes TRC had to offer. Afterward, we enjoyed brews from SNBC while learning about the different types of gear and climbing styles around today. Here are a few pointers we picked up from the staff at TRC.

Here are a few pointers we picked up from the staff at TRC.

  1. If you want to improve at climbing, you need to climb. It might sound simple, but one of the best ways to get better is simply climbing more.
  2. It’s not all about strength. Does being strong help? Sure! Does it help to be able to do a million pull-ups? Possibly. Realistically climbing is not about how strong you are. Good technique and balance will get you very far. Our speaker described climbing as a “dance with the wall.” You got get into the flow and follow the rhythm.
  3. There is a difference between climbing indoors and outdoors. Just because you can send a 5.9 inside does not mean you can handle that outdoors.
  4. Climbing is calculated risk. A lot of the things we do in the outdoors comes with inherent risk. Climbing is no different. Be smart. Climbing is calculated risk if you do it properly. Stay safe and know what you can handle.


Wayne also shared a guide to beginner climbing gear which we were able to capture in the below video:

Check out some pictures from last weeks event

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