NYC: Boots, Brews & Backcountry Skiing & Riding

Thank you to everyone who joined Mappy Hour last week. We hope you had as much fun as we did learning about the gear, the communities and the places to get outdoors on skis and snowboards this winter. We know there was a ton of information shared so we tried to put together a little guide to winter with links, maps and more info.


Salomon Boots

Arguably the most important piece of your ski set-up? Your boots. If they don’t fit you correctly you won’t be able to control your skis as well and you’ll be more prone to injury. We learned a ton about boot fit over the night, hearing from the experts at both Salomon and Atomic. During Mappy Hour, Panda Sports even did a complete custom fit of two pairs of Atomic and Salomon boots using their Memory Fit technology. If you head to Panda Sports in Brooklyn, you’ll be able to get custom fit boots and even a discounted ski pass (they do monthly skier appreciation days at local mountains).

Our hosts for the night, Arc’teryx Soho addressed what we’re all thinking as the snow rolls in and the wind whips around the city: how to stay warm. The short answer here is layers. By having base, mid and outer layers (shell) you’ll keep the rain, wind, and sweat far away from your body. You can also have a free jacket if you win their current instagram contest.



RASTA Backcountry

Everyone in attendance at last week’s Mappy Hour got a peak at the Leave Nice Tracks trailer from filmmaker Kyle Crichton. We also got to learn more about the first backcountry ski trails on Forest Service land – which, to be honest, we can’t believe we didn’t know about before. The fact that this even exists is historic, and the backcountry skiers and snowboarders among us will surely be exploring Brandon Gap this winter.


And of course, the age old question: how do I go skiing near NYC without a car? Our friends at OvR have an easy answer to that. From their weekly day trips to Hunter Mountain to their longer weekend getaways to Vermont, they’ll pick you up in the concrete jungle and drop you off on the slope.


We hope everyone is feeling ready to get outside this winter! Thank you to all who joined and our partners and sponsors Salomon, Atomic, Arc’teryx Soho, Panda Sports, Ovrride and Leave Nice Tracks.


Our next Mappy Hour will be December 5th, see details here. 

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