Mappy Hour x Tech A Hike Challenge

Hey there Mappy Hour Crew! Colvin here from the RVA Chapter – I’ve been involved with Mappy Hour in Richmond since it launched earlier this year, and I’m so grateful for a way to connect with fellow outdoorsy adventurers after leaving Colorado to move back home. I’m super passionate about connecting people with nature to experience the many health benefits that come along with time outdoors – and along with city living, I feel that technology has become a main barrier in us getting outside more. SO…

Introducing the Tech A Hike challenge – aka tell technology to take a hike! I started a social media challenge this Fall for people to take ONE tech-free hour a week to go offline + outside without their devices, with an emphasis on getting outside for National Take A Hike Day on Saturday, Nov. 17.

We’re launching a special Mappy Hour x Tech A Hike challenge to see how much we as a community can disconnect and spend time outside during the month of November! Here’s how to #TechAHike:

  1. Download one of the Mappy Hour x Tech A Hike away messages online here – designs available for Facebook, Instagram and FB/IG stories.
  2. Post the away message to your preferred social media account BEFORE you head outside – make sure to tag @tech.a.hike and @mappy_hour so we can track your hours! Help get more people offline + outside by tagging two friends and challenging them to #TechAHike with you.
  3. Ready-set-GO offline + outside! Put your device away and enjoy an hour immersed in your favorite outdoor activity free from online distractions.

Who’s ready to #TechAHike?! The RVA chapter is planning a weekend camping outing in honor of National Take A Hike Day (so we’ll be logging lots of offline hours!) – would love other chapters to also consider planning a group hike or outdoor adventure for Nov. 17 to get as many people offline + outside to #TechAHike that day!

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