Super Blood Wolf Moon Snowshoe Colorado

The route from the gate to Jefferson Lake along the closed winter road.

Last week, a group of Front Rangers gathered in the mountains of Colorado to check out the Super Wolf Blood Moon, and enjoy some hot cocoa. 

Along the way up Jefferson Lake, we stopped by a beaver lodge. The lodge is hard to see in the photo below (it’s behind the brush/little trees; looking toward the creek), but there is plenty of evidence that the beavers were hard at work before hunkering down for the winter.

The “snowshoe” route was up a closed Forest Service Road outside the town of Jefferson (and near Kenosha Pass) ~roughly 1.2 hours away from Denver.

All photos were taken from a Google Pixel 1. We all wished we had better cameras to capture the magnificence of the lake, mountains, and moon.

Our little group brought tea, cocoa, and wine up to the lake. Even though it was about 10º–20ºF with the wind, the spectacle was well-worth the shivers.


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