DEN: Send it Sister – Women in the Outdoors

With International Women’s Day being the first week of March, Mappy Hour members came together to celebrate the accomplishments and triumphs that women have brought to the outdoor industry. A panel consisted of three speakers, all coming from a very different background, yet they share a common goal. They are extremely dedicated to their passion and craft. The panel will include a female professional athlete, a local start-up business and a non-profit. A bio of each is included below:

Professional North Face Rock Climber, Nina Williams

Nina Williams, one of the few female boulderers to climb V13, has a knack for highball bouldering. Boulder problems 20 feet or higher, “highballs” combine the physicality of bouldering with the mental discipline of free soloing. In 2016, Nina made the first female ascent of Ambrosia, a 50 ft-tall V11 in the Buttermilks outside Bishop, California in what Climbing magazine called “one of the hardest free solos ever done by a woman”. In February 2018, she became the first woman, and only the fourth person ever at the time, to send Window Shopper (V12) in Boulder, Colorado. In March 2019 she made the seventh ascent (and first female ascent) of Too Big to Flail (V10) a 50 ft highball in the Buttermilk and the entire process was featured in “REEL ROCK 14: The High Road.”

Slope Threads Founder, Sarah Laughlin

Colorado native, Sarah Laughlin, created Slope Threads with one mission in mind – help more people get on the slopes for less money and hassle. This lady has absolutely accomplished her goal! The ski and snowboard apparel rental service delivers directly to your doorstep or vacation destination with free and easy shipping and returns. Say goodbye to long airport lines and bulky luggage. Slope Threads has you covered from head to toe and your gear will be waiting for you when you arrive. Rent the latest styles in helmets, goggles, jackets, pants and enjoy the option to purchase add-ons such as base layers, accessories and sunscreen.

Women’s Wilderness ED, Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray is the Executive Director for Women’s Wilderness, a non-profit that supports girls, women and LGBTQ+ people in accessing their power and improving their health through connections to the outdoors and community. The organization has designed programs to be heart-centered and collaborative adventures, while providing solid instruction in wilderness living, outdoor skills and backcountry safety. Whether you are seeking a rejuvenating week of backpacking, the skills to build your own top-rope anchor, or the determination to make a major change in your life, Women’s Wilderness will be able to provide an unforgettable outdoor adventure, refresh your spirit and connect you to new friends.

The Discussion

The panel from left to right: Sarah Laughlin, Nina Williams, Sarah Murray & Liz Brown (Denver Chapter Leader and Moderator)

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