Field Trip Report: Skiing the Catskills with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

A few weeks ago, the alarm sounded at what can only be described as an “alpine start” hour and 10 Mappy Hour members pulled on their layers, grabbed the gear and headed to the corner to catch the Ski Bus. In NYC, a company called OvRride runs a bus service almost every day of the season to different resorts along the East Coast. If you want to go to Vermont and back in a day, they’ll take you. Or if you want a “shorter” day, you can head just 3 hours North to the Catskills.

Skiesta + Windham Mountain

Windham Mountain was our destination for the fourth Field Trip in our series with Sierra Nevada. While the bus ride up was a sleepy affair, as soon as we unloaded and clipped in, the energy was up! Though Windham Mountain might not be famous for its terrain, it was a gorgeous day, most of the mountain was open, and we had delicious brews to enjoy during our breaks.

The Catskills!

For some, this trip was *their first time every skiing/riding* which we are so impressed by! And for others, this was a quick day trip in a lineup of west coast and international snow trips. There’s not much else to say other than it was a great day out, we love Sierra Nevada for both their brews and their support in helping us Enjoy Outdoors. We can’t wait to do it again!

Bus ride back

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