SEA: Beginners Guide to Backcountry Recap

February in the Seattle area means people are flocking to the mountains. But wouldn’t it be fun to not have to deal with the ski lift lines? 

This month’s event held at The North Face on Pike St. in Seattle, highlighted the ways to get off the groomed trails and out of the lift line, and onto some fresh, untracked snow. Specifically, this focus on backcountry snow sports brought attention to the essentials to get an understanding of what it takes to travel responsibly in the backcountry.

Frank Martin, extreme snowboard extrordinaire, and The North Face’s own Jeff Schomaker, backcountry ski master shared with everyone their fascinating history with backcountry sports. Then they shared everything you need to know to safely get off the lifts and into the mountains. They even selected a volunteer to demonstrate how an airbag works during an avalanche. 

Our awesome Mappy Hour Ambassadors, Lailani, Carmen, and Rowan helped out. 

As always, we owe a great big thanks to New Belgium Brewery for the yummy beer and awesome giveaways and to The North Face for another $100 North Face gift card giveaway!

We also had some time to highlight the Seattle Explore More Challenge. Several people signed the official log book with their accomplished Challenges! This is a multi-month challenge that rewards you for going outside with prizes from The North Face! This includes 10 challenges that help you adventure around Seattle. 

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