How to Make a Shoebox Wallet by The North Face

TNF x Mappy Hour

As we all sit home looking for fun projects to do with our families during quarantine, we asked our TNF friends over in Japan to share this cool project created by Fuyaki Shimazu, Ranyo Tanaka, and The North Face Japan.

Here is a step by step guide on how to take a shoe box and make it into a very cool, useable wallet. Included in this kit is everything you will need to get this started.

STEP 1: Find a Shoebox

The design for the template is based on preferably using a North Face shoebox but honestly, any shoebox you can find will do!

STEP 2: Download the Template

Cardboard Cutout Wallet

STEP 3: Print or Trace the template

Cardboard Wallet Template IMG_0675

For those with printers, you can easily just print it out – everyone else, we’re going to have to get creative! Hold up a piece of paper to your screen and trace away y’all – you’ll need this to do the project.

STEP 4: Start Folding!

The North Face Wallet Guide

The template will have the above graphic in higher resolution and you can also watch (and re-watch) the video to get each step. Show us your creations on instagram. Tag us at @mappy_hour.