Mappy Hour Chapter Leaders Try the Merrell Hydro Mocs

This past September, Mappy Hour chapter leaders from across the country met up in Michigan for our annual chapter leader summit. One of the sponsors for the event, Merrell, hooked us all up with their new Hydro Mocs which we all wore while kayaking and camping throughout the weekend.

Here are our takes on sizing, adventure readiness, color, fit and function.

Adventure Readiness

“They are great for river trips and off-roading since I know there’s a high chance of getting wet and muddy, they are so easy to rinse off and they dry right away. They are great for summer and fall floating when the water level is low, when we are portaging they keep my feet protected from the sharp river rocks and don’t come off in the current. 

I’m not sure yet if they float, but if they do that would also be a big highlight for river trips, I lost some sweet Chaco river shoes last year because they sank (I thought they were tied on!! 😭).”

– Carly G., Mappy Hour NWA

“I loved using them while hanging out at camp and while kayaking at the chapter leader summit. Now, in between big adventures, they’re my new “around the house” shoe.”

-Sarah K., Mappy Hour Founder

Fit & Function

“My favorite feature is the permanent heel: they are in all-wheel drive all the time. I used to wear Crocs while sailing and these immediately replaced them because I feel more secure in them.

Would I wear them as approach shoes? Probably not, but they are great for walking the dog and bumming around camp. They definitely have a different look to them. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments and have even let people try them on. It was recommended that we size down and because there’s no half sizes, I was really nervous that they would be too small. Have trust – they really run large. I normally wear a 7.5/8 and the 7 mocs still have plenty of room for me to wear socks with them.”

-Tasman A., Mappy Hour Cleveland

“They fit very well and I have enough room to even wear socks with them when it’s cool. The material is so soft and lightweight, I didn’t think it could hold up to a lot of hiking or walking on rocky surfaces, but it totally does!”

-Hannah D., Mappy Hour NYC

Color Options

“The best thing about my hydro mocs are how bold they are. It’s fun to rock a pair of shoes that match the algae in the lake you’re paddling through.”

– Erica Z., Mappy Hour CHI

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