Enter our North Face VECTIV™ Giveaway!

Mappy Hour Global Sponsor The North Face is bringing new technology to the trail with their carbon fiber VECTIV™ kicks for both trail running and hiking.

TNF Vectiv

Exclusive for Mappy Hour Members

And of course, Mappy Hour members are getting swagged out! Here’s what we’re planning…

Starting March 10, we’re launching a giveaway for SEVEN new pairs of The North Face VECTIV Shoes – one for each category:

  • #MappyHourCHI (Chicago-based members)
  • #MappyHourNYC (NYC-based members)
  • #MappyHourDEN (Denver-based members)
  • #MappyHourSEA (Seattle-based members)
  • #MappyHourCLE (Cleveland-based members)
  • #MappyHourDC (D.C.-based members)
  • #MapppyHourX (Anyone, anywhere who loves the outdoors!

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Share a shot or video of your favorite local trails on your instagram feed 
  2. Remember to geotag so other members can find new places to go!
  3. Tag #mappyhour #PowerFurther #VECTIV in the caption. Tag the chapter (aka the category) you’re entering in: #mappyhourCHI #mappyhourNYC #mappyhourSEA #mappyhourCLE #mappyhourDC #mappyhourDEN #mappyhourX
  4. Contest ends on 04/15 and your chapter leaders will pick their favorite shot from each city.
  5. You must be following @mappy_hour on instagram to win

After the contest is over, we’re going to bring together everyone’s recommendations into an Instagram Guide for each city. 

Rules & regs: https://www.outdoorfest.com/sweepstakes

Level up on Strava

Today (March 1), The North Face is also launching a month-long virtual competition on Strava. When you track your time on the trails, the app unlocks more rewards, giveaways and other fun swag.

The VECTIV™ Power Further, Together Challenge motivates runners and hikers to complete 100kms (62ish miles) on the trails.

Sign up on Strava account here.

For the Gear Nerds


  • Positioned beneath an incredibly light, comfortable, and protective mesh upper, VECTIV™ is a proprietary soling architecture comprised of a 3D plate against the sole, a finely tuned rockered midsole and SurfaceCTRL outsole. This unique construction delivers superior stability, forward propulsion and incredible grip to reduce fatigue on the trail.
  • There are two key components to the 3D plate: the location, which is directly underfoot, and the sidewalls that wrap up surrounding your heel and the sides of your forefoot. This provides increased propulsion and lateral stability for all terrain.
  • The VECTIV system is highly tunable, with its components—upper, plate, midsole and outsole—altered and optimized within each VECTIV shoe, based on the intended use and target consumer of each. This allows the technology to fit the needs of an elite athlete, a first-time trail runner, a performance hiker, and a casual hiker. 

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