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People visit Red Rocks for a variety of reasons. Some to see a concert, others to take in the natural beauty of the park, but on July 6th several lucky members of the Denver Mappy Hour Chapter gathered on stage of Red Rocks Amphitheater to recover from a long 4th of July weekend with a yoga session instructed by Liz Reid of Ella Reid Wellness and Coaching. As they bent and twisted out the stresses of the holiday weekend, they had the refreshment of Strainge Beast hard kombucha, which was generously provided by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. A health-ish way to start off the short work week.

Despite threats of rain, the weather remained as stoic and calm as these Mappy Hour members

Make no mistake, the yoga was not all pictures for Insta and mildly alcoholic fermented tea, as instructor Liz Reid put her considerable knowledge to use, gently guiding the participates from pose to pose. After forty-five minutes of down-dog into planks into horse pose, the participates felt the burn. Yoga, much like golf, is not a competition between participates, but rather with oneself, meaning that everyone from amateurs to experts can find a good workout from a session.

Horse pose, seen here, the author assures you, is far more taxing than it appears.

The venue was not the only reward for these aspiring yogis. As always, before the event could conclude, a raffle saw the distribution of several awesome prizes from co-sponsors National Geographic and The North Face. Lucky winners walked away with a travel yoga mat, bandanas, different maps of the world, and of course stickers!

Red Rocks Amphitheater, as it turns out, is just as impressive from the stage as it is from the stands.

Did you know that Red Rocks first operated as a concert venue in 1906? It was previously known as the “Garden of the Angels” and “Garden of the Titans”, before it gained its current name when it was purchased by the City and County of Denver in 1928. Many famous artists have performed at Red Rocks over the years, including The Blues Brothers, U2, John Denver, and Depeche Mode. The Beatles famously played the venue in 1964 as part of their first tour of the United States. Oddly enough, it was the only concert the Beatles played on that tour that did not sell out. 

Interested in yoga with Liz Reid? You can find out more about her practice and coaching from her website or her Instagram @ellareid.wellness or @lizreidmott. You can find out more about Sierra Nevada Brewing and their hard kombucha at or your local liquor store.

Available in select markets, Strainge Beast from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

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