Second D.C. Mappy Hour

Last night we hosted our second Mappy Hour DC and had over 70 adventurous locals join us to chat about big dreams, look at maps, and relax after work.

We were lucky to partner with Meridian Pint which dedicated the entire bottom floor of their bar to our event. They even had special Mappy Hour pricing on drinks and their owner (an avid adventure racer) and manager (an ultra runner) came and participated. Talk about local support.

The night started out like normal with a check-in and name tag station as everyone arrived and ordered their beers. People spread out throughout the room, looking at maps and hanging out for the first hour.

At 8:00, Sarah Knapp, the Founder of OutdoorFest, took to the floor and told the origin story. Her background, the beginning of OutdoorFest, and the birth of Mappy Hour in a coffee shop in Greenwich Village.

Then, in true Mappy Hour fashion, the big dreams began with post it notes of far off places and exotic adventures began to fill up the Mappy Hour wall map. Post it notes turned into conversation and the night went on as we dreamed, planned, and enjoyed our evening of outdoor camaraderie.

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us! Check out more photos here.

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