Why we’re so excited for Mappy Hour this week

Header photo by Francois Lebeau // NYC Bouldering Guide

This week we’ll have our second Mappy Hour‘s with The North Face in NYC and DC. Along with the fun we usually have, The North Face is bringing it up a notch with their athletes Renan Ozturk (NYC & DC Mappy Hours) and Ashima Shiraishi (NYC Mappy Hour).

We put together a short photo/video essay to help capture why these two athletes are so inspirational (and why we can’t wait to spend time with them later this week).

Renan Ozturk

Renan Ozturk is a North Face athlete, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and distinguished cinematographer.

Photo from The Clymb.com

Not only has he pushed the boundaries of climbing but also slacklining.

Photo from The North Face
Photo from The North Face

Along with film, he’s also a visual artist and his art (along with much more info about him) can be found on his site here.

Ashima Shiraishi

It’s no secret that OutdoorFest loves Ashima. Not only is she a New Yorker but she was our 2015 keynote speaker!

OutdoorFest 2015, Photo by Mike Gutkin
OutdoorFest 2015, Photo by Mike Gutkin

Ashima first caught the world’s attention through bouldering at age 6 (shoutout to Central Park!) and recently became the first female to send a V15.

Photo from Big Up Productions

As it turns out, she’s also pretty good at sport climbing and big walls…

Photo by Parker Alec Cross @crossroadstudios, Open Your Mind Direct 9a/+
Photo by Parker Alec Cross @crossroadstudios, Open Your Mind Direct 9a/+

She’s also been honored by Forbes 30 Under 30, done a TED Talk and is very likely going to be an Olympian.

Thanks to the North Face for bringing Renan & Ashima to Mappy Hour – we can’t wait to learn from their adventures and be inspired to go out and find our own.

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