NYC: Hiking without a car with Lowa Boots

Last night we gathered in Paragon Sports’ brand new Dept 1908 with our friends from Lowa Boots and the Appalachian Mountain Club of NY-NJ to learn about car-free hikes near NYC. Justin Bailey of the AMC prepared an awesome guide for us to learn about and look through complete with maps and even directions to his favorite hikes.


Massapequa Park

A little gem in Nassau County on Long Island, this is one of the few places where you can feel like you’re truly escaping the suburbs with both bike and hike friendly trails. If you’re traveling by bike ($5 gets you a lifetime bike pass on the LIRR) it’s a scenic ride down to Tanner Park to enjoy the beach before headed back to NYC.

Take a Babylon bound Long Island Railroad Train departing from Penn Station to the Massapequa stop. The entrance to the park will be a few hundred feet to the east on Veterans Blvd.

The full .pdf can be downloaded here: Public Transit Hikes in NYC or just hop on an AMC hike by signing up here.

Another highlight of the night was when Lowa Boots & Paragon teamed up to do a giveaway to their favorite instagram photos. There were a ton of great ones (see below) and Jeremy won a brand new pair of Renegade’s! The night finished up with deep discounts and shopping and of course announcements about the upcoming OutdoorFest 2017 Campout.



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