Road tripping in the USA: 5 destinations you can’t miss

When it comes to a road trip, there’s arguably no better country for it than the USA; from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone, there are almost too many adventurous stops to make, with each as awe inspiring as the next.

Here are five adventure destinations to consider adding to your bucket list:

Big Sur by D. Khoalee
Photo by D. Khoalee

Big Sur 

Take a day out of your itinerary to explore Big Sur, the California coastline brimming with hidden natural beauty. While it might be easy to just drive through on Highway 1, don’t rush it, the area is brimming with hiking trails and epic views. Make sure you get off the beaten path here. And while each and every part of Big Sur is as stunning as the next – the roads can be a bit doggy in some parts of the region and you’d be lucky to even get phone service, so plan ahead. Don’t miss the popular highlights either, including McWay Falls and its vibrant turquoise waters.


Photo by Harald

Yellowstone National Park

Opt to drive along Route 20 and you’ll come across the sprawling, glorious Yellowstone National Park. This land of geothermal and natural wonder is often visited by tourists and adventurers alike, but the sheer size of it means the crowds are never distracting. Here, nature reigns supreme.

Simply put, Yellowstone has an almost unbelievable amount of beautiful sights and an unparalleled quality when compared to other national parks in the country, so be sure to pay a visit if you’re nearby on your trip and – use these online tips to help you get the most out of your visit

Best for: hiking, backpacking, fishing, snowshoeing

Grand Canyon by Reuben Francis Cornel
By Reuben Francis Cornel

Grand Canyon

There’s simply no way to plan a road trip through the USA without accounting for the Grand Canyon. It’s perhaps the best sight in the entirety of the country, with a route around Monument Valley providing you with the best scenic opportunities. This 277-mile stretch doesn’t require full coverage, but certain spots are definitely worth seeing.

Specifically, the South Rim of the canyon is a must do for first time visitors, with d some of the best views of both the canyon itself and the Colorado River. Honestly, wherever you end up around here, you’ll be blessed with endless picturesque panoramas.

Best for: whitewater rafting, trail running, backpacking


Florida Keys 

Arguably the most beautiful area in the entirety of the state – and perhaps the country – can be found at the very southern tip of Florida. The Florida Keys are frequented by locals and visitors alike as the perfect holiday destination, with beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters only scratching the surface of what this region has to offer.

When road tripping to the Keys, make sure you take your time crossing the Seven Mile Bridge. Not only is it a feat of engineering, but the stretching waters underneath you are almost unbelievable in their sheer beauty. Consider coming here for a beachy road trip where snorkeling and scuba diving fill your days. Make sure you understand the flags upon the beach before you go for a swim, though – it’s safe to say the weather here can be temperamental.

Best for: SUP, snorkeling, scuba diving fishing 

Niagara Nick Farnhill
Photo by Nick Farnhill

Niagara Falls 

Lying on the border between New York and Ontario, Niagara Falls is a worthy road trip destination. Travel up through the north east of the country (perhaps even stopping in New York City for a Mappy Hour on the way?) and arrive at the falls for one of the most unbelievable natural sights in the entire world.

This trio of cascading falls makes for a beautiful sight, huge in scale and proving that the USA is no stranger to natural wonder. Be sure to stop over in the town itself and explore its offerings, too – an influx in tourism has made it one of the underrated highlights to discover in the country.

Best for: Unless you’re Will Gadd or Rafa Ortiz, you probably won’t be climbing or kayaking the falls. Keep it simple with some hiking in Niagara State Park or in the summer, grab a kayak and explore the Niagara River.


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