Mappy Hour Chapter Leader Summit

Last month, a group of former and current Mappy Hour Chapter Leader’s gathered in the mountains of Colorado to brainstorm, exchange ideas and enjoy good ol’ nature.

Our adventure took us to the Mount Evans Wilderness just outside of Denver where we found the perfect backdrop for hiking and hanging.

While we don’t want to spoil any exciting upcoming Mappy Hour surprises, here are a few of the topics on the docket.

Mappy Hour Summit Notes

  1. Exploring ourselves and our community
    1. What is your origin story? How did you first come to connect with the great outdoors?
    2. Why are we part of this community?
    3. What do we want to see in our local communities?
  2. Leadership Opportunities & Challenges
    1. What parts of organizing and facilitating Mappy Hour’s have been challenging?
    2. What local groups, non-profits, and speakers can we include at local Mappy Hours?
  3. How Do We Measure and Increase Impact?
    1. What are the top priorities for the organization? How are we ensuring that our events are inclusive and representative? How do we measure change?
    2. How do we better integrate local non-profits and support through funding, membership pushes etc.


If you have thoughts and feedback on Mappy Hour, we’d also love for you to contribute to the conversation. We’ve created a typeform document here where you can share.

See more photos of the Mappy Hour Chapter Leader Summit here. If you’re interested in joining the leadership team, message your chapter leader or reach out here.

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