Mappy Hour x Blue Sky Fund Recap

Last week Mappy Hour took time to talk about how the outdoors can change us. We were lucky to have Mappy Hour member and Blue Sky Fund employee Colvin Hedgepeth share her story with us. We also got to hear from two Blue Sky Fund alumni about how this Richmond non-profit used the outdoors to provide challenging and transformative experiences.

Blue Sky Fund Alumni


Colvin was living what she thought was her best life. She had her dream job in Colorado, but quickly realized she wasn’t happy. So she did want any logical person would do. She quit and headed east, landing back in her hometown of RVA.

She decided to take some time to get outdoors and hike the Tour Du Mont Blanc. It was during this journey that Colvin realized that her best self can be found “out on her own, out of her comfort zone, out in the elements.” Colvin learned that she had a desire to connect other with the same power of nature she had found, and in doing so, connect them with their best self.

When she returned from Chamonix, she set to work doing just that working with Blue Sky Fund. Blue Sky Fund is a Richmond based non-profit that seeks to provide transformational experiences in nature to Richmond’s youth. They often focus on at-risk inner-city kids. They believe that the outdoors should be a part of every child’s life and that every child deserves the chance to explore the outer world while discovering more about their inner selves.

Mappy Hour member Colvin


I encourage everyone to get outdoors and experience the transformational power of nature. It doesn’t take a trip to France to experience nature. It can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods. But if you must go to France, please let us know. We might join you!

Thanks to all that attended and to Colvin for sharing her story. Shout out to Vasen Brewing for hosting and donating to Hike for Kids 2018!

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