2018 Year in Review

Another year has come and gone and we’re left with a few photos and a ton of new knowledge and adventure buddies. This year, Mappy Hour chapters gathered to discuss, learn and share everything from training for canicross in Springfield Missouri to the future of biking in Detroit.

It goes without saying that this is all thanks to YOU the people who showed up and participated, sent us your feedback and helped spread the word. And of course, our amazing chapter leaders who are consistently planning events, creating community spaces, and coming up with new ideas to make Mappy Hour even better.


2018 Highlights: 

1. We officially welcomed four new chapters: Cleveland, Richmond, Detroit and Durham!

2. We started the Inside Mappy Hour Video Series with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

3. We hit a new attendance record: 2,000 attendees across the country!

4. Mappy Hour membership doubled! There are now 3,648 official Mappy Hour members that are part of the MappyHour.org Hub.

(P.S. We love all of you and all of your ideas and feedback so please feel free to send in your comments should a thought arise!)

The full 2018 Rundown: 

January 2018

DET:  Friends of the Rouge Giving Circle

SGF: Outdoor Gear Essentials // Trade Blanket!

DRM: Coral Reef Conservation and Photography

ML Parker Media Durham

DEN: Colorado Leadership in the outdoors

NYC:  The History of Skiing in New York

February 2018

SGF: Paddling in the Ozarks

Springfield Mappy Hour Talk

DEN:  Bike the 14ers with SheJumps





DC: Ice Climbing

RVA: Making your Passion Your Career

CLE: Cross-Country Skiing

NYC:  Travel Writing Workshop


March 2018

SGF:  Backpacking in the Ozarks

DRM: Indoors to Out: Bouldering NC

DEN: Get Paid to Go on Epic Adventures


 DC: Trail Running with John Kelly and Sierra Nevada

CLE:  Follow the Blue Blazes

April 2018

SGF:  Spring Hiking in the Ozarks

RVA:  Going Above and Beyond with Beyond Boundaries

Mike + Speaker

Detroit Greenways and Bike Maps




Mapping NYC with the Natural Areas Conservancy

DEN: Scenic Colorado with John Fielder

DC: Conservation in the City

DC Volunteer Day (Field Trip)

Mappy Hour DC VOlunteering

DRM:  Kayak the Triangle

kayak the triangle durham mappy hour

CLE: Get Outside with REI

YYC: Tales from the Trails

NYC: Cycling with Purpose

May 2018

RVA:  5 Point Adventure Film Festival (Field Trip)

SGF:  Cooking in the Outdoors/Backcountry

DC: Building a Regional Trail Network

DRM: Trail Day Party! (Field Trip)

Hiking near NYC with Merrell and Paragon Sports

CLE: Run the Trails

Cleveland Run the Trails

RVA:  Mappy Hour @ Riverrock with Sierra Nevada and Brian Bell from Keeping Virginia Cozy

DET:  Kayaking with Detroit Outpost

June 2018

DC: Epic Mountain Bike Adventures

DET: Backpacking and more with Ben

DEN:  Colorado’s Geographic Gems

NYC: Expedition Photography with Joel Caldwell at Best Made Co.

NYC: Trail Running the Dientes de Navarino at Best Made Co.


NYC: Trail Running Near & Far with Salomon Running


RVA: Changing the face of the Outdoors

SGF: Hiking with your Dog

CLE: For the Love of Cleveland (Field Trip)

CLE: Backpacking with the Green Girl Gang

July 2018

DC: Photography with National Geographic

DEN:  Building Footbridges

Mappy Hour Panelists by Heather Hebson

CLE: Crooked River Commute

CLE:  Tow Path Bike Ride (Field Trip)

DRM: Beers + Adventure Planning

NYC:  Landscape Photography on the Appalachian Trail

August 2018

NYC:  Ultra Running with Adam Campbell and Arc’teryx Soho

DC: Honing Your Wilderness Skills

 DRM: Beers + Adventure Planning

Mappy Hour Chapter Leader Summit! 

September 2018

DET: Camping near Detroit

CLE: Fly Fishing Northeast Ohio

CLE: Fly Fishing

NYC: Story Slam with Columbia Sportswear

RVA:  Backpacking 101

Backpacking 101 in RVA

October 2018

DRM: Beers + Adventure Planning

MH_Durham_Sharon_IMG-1179DEN: SCARy STORIES

NYC: Backpacking into Fall with Filson


CLE: Lake Erie Surfing

RVA: The Power to Change/ Give Back Night

Blue Sky Fund Alumni

November 2018

CLE: Boulder Allegheny: Rimrock Guidebook Release

SGF: Canicross // Hiking with your Dog

RVA: Rockin’ out w/ TRC & Sierra Nevada

RVA: Campout at George Washington Jefferson National Forest (Field Trip)

Mappy Hour RVA Field Trip

NYC: Boots & Brews with Atomic, Salomon, and Arc’teryx Soho

December 2018

CLE: Giving Circle: Trust for Public Land

DC: Holiday Hangout + White Elephant

NYC: Giving Circle for SheJumps with Merrell

NYC: Holiday Party at Paragon Sports

Paragon Party

SGF: Outdoor Story Slam

Springfield Mappy Hour Story Slam

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