RVA: Going Above and Beyond Recap

Last night April 18th we gathered at Triple Crossing Fulton to hear the story of Beyond Boundaries, an incredible Non-profit here in Richmond. Their tagline is “adventure is for everyone” and what they do fully embraces this.  The co-founder Shep Roeper told his story and discussed his love for the outdoors and his desire to share this passion with as many people as possible.   Shep reminded us that well all have limitations, whether they are visible or not, and that it’s important to focus on what someone is able to do instead of what they are not.

In case you missed it, Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit that brings individuals with and without disabilities into the outdoors.  The organization has seen exponential growth over the last couple years in both participation, and number and variety of trips.  We watched an amazing video of a white water rafting trip Shep led with a large group of blind youth and heard about the new climbing program they are starting this year.  Volunteers are essential to their mission so if you are interested in getting involved, check out their website at Beyond Boundaries

Thanks to everyone that came out last night!  We look forward to seeing you during the weekend of Riverrock at the 5Point Film Festival and the Sierra Nevada tent on Saturday for our next official event.  Check back for future details soon!



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