5 Takeaways from Mappy Hour NYC

On Wednesday, Mappy Hour officially launched our partnership with The North Face in New York City. It was a whirlwind event, complete with bouldering, beer, a celebrity appearance and quite a few laughs. Here are our top 5 takeaways from the night:

1. Climbing in Central Park is Rad

One of the easiest to access micro-adventures in NYC is bouldering in Central Park. It’s free, close to the subway and honestly, doesn’t even require you have climbing shoes (sneakers work when you’re starting too!).

2. The Explore More Challenge is Here.

After a twilight bouldering session, we traipsed over to The North Face – Upper West Side where we all grabbed delicious brews and learned about the Explore More Challenge. The challenge provides 10+ options to earn points through adventure and winners get everything from t-shirts to sunglasses to a full on North Face shopping spree. BONUS: everyone who climbed with us go to record 6 points in the logbook.

3. Cedar Wright is hilarious

The night was made all the better because professional climber and filmmaker Cedar Wright was able to join us (thank you North Face for making that happen!). He showed us a few very official climbing moves (see the photos below) in the park and then entertained everyone with his stories of climbing in Antarctica, his previous dog Sufferpup and more.

Our favorite Cedar quote of the night:

“I’ve never been good at climbing… what I lack in skill, I make up in heart”.

4. Selfies.


5. We have awesome partners.

Thank you to the North Face for creating this amazing partnership and helping us launch the Explore Challenge in NYC and to Sierra Nevada for your delicious brews.


Photos by Savannah McCauley. 

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