Watch: #Vanlife … in New York City

Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.



“Living in a van in NYC is easier then anywhere else I’ve lived. You just step out of your van there’s a bodega anywhere you go… there’s a climbing gym that’s always open, there s so much everything!”

Inside this Mappy Hour, Nathan Staiger and Aaron Randolph explore van life both in NYC and around the country.

Watch to find answers on starting your van life journey.

Time cues:
:03: Aaron’s story
1:20 Nate’s story
2:44 Types of vans
3:20 Hygiene
4:20 The community in NYC
4:50 Parking
6:45 Size of van
7:50 insulation
8:15 electricity
9:10 Monthly Expenses for Vanlife
10:10 running water?
10:20 Can two people live in a van together?
11:22 What’s your dream van?
12:30 What do you do when its super hot out?
13:15 Dogs in vans?
14:08 is there a shelf life for #vanlife in NYC?
16:20 what do you about not having an address?
17:20 Can you tap into the NYC electric system?
18:25 finding parking spots – strategically
19:30 What’s the cooking situation?
20:00 primitive v. built out of the van
20:49 what do you need to do to just get started.
24:00 how do you vote?
24:39 what’s the price point to get into van life if you’re on a budget?
25:31 how much do you drive?
27:00 what’s the hardest part of living out of your van?
28:48 how do you keep it warm?
28:58 why diesel?


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