Watch: The NYC Nature Map

Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Leila Mougoui of Natural Areas Conservancy and Crystal Crown of NYC Parks discuss the creation of the NYC Nature Map and how individuals can use the map to learn more about, and advocate for, the natural areas of NYC.


:50 Why they decided to make the map

1:15 What information you can find in the map

2:05 Nerding out and talking about data sets!

5:33 Database of the management field staff

6:04 More about salt marshes

8:45 Aggregating data to track lost salt marshes

9:55 is the data available for the public or for research purposes?

10:45 Who is this map for?

11:40 How the map could be used for advocacy

12:35 How to decide which data to use

14:15 How does this map fit within the context of mapping cities elsewhere?

15:14 Is it easy to access these areas?

16:10 What was something that was interesting but that you had to cut out?

18:25 Unveiling the map!

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