The Best Spots in Each Borough for Adventure

Thanks to all who joined Mappy Hour: Adventure in the Five Boroughs! For those who missed it, here’s the top 5 spots in each borough, according to Mappy Hour Founder Sarah Knapp. If you want more in-depth suggestions and itineraries, join the Mappy Hour Pro Membership here.

Staten Island Pick: The Greenbelt

Find the trail map here.


  • 80 miles of trails
  • Really feel like you’re away from the city
  • Lots of greenery!
  • Free


  • Hard to access via public transit
  • Staten Island has a different … vibe.

2. Manhattan Pick: Riverside Rings

106th/Riverside Park


  • Accessible by subway
  • The vibes (music, slacklining, rings and more)
  • Sand


  • Not as “wild” or filled with greenery
  • Sand

3. Brooklyn Pick: Sebago Canoe Club

Photo by the late Vlad Brezina

About the club.


  • Friendly
  • Low cost
  • kayaking in Jamaica Bay (technically Queens but you leave from Brooklyn)


  • Not super accessible
  • Club membership is waitlisted through 2022

4. Bronx Pick: Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park by Sarah Knapp

Learn more about the park here.


  • Multi-sport (hike, bike, trail run, grill & chill)
  • Free!


  • Long train ride if you’re not based nearby
  • Biking up Broadway to get there is a little sketchy
  • Can sometimes get crowded on weekends

5. Queens Pick: Rockaway Beach!

Photo by Andreea Waters


  • There is a beach that’s in NYC! That’s so cool!
  • The ocean, the beach, the surf


  • Crowded

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