#MappyHourDC welcomes Jun Young

We’re excited to share that Mappy Hour DC has a new chapter leader joining it’s ranks. Please give a warm Mappy welcome to Juniper (Jun) Young! Instead of doing an interview, Jun has shared this beautiful personal statement with all of us. Get to know Jun more on instagram and by joining the Mappy Hour DC chapter so you’ll be invited to upcoming events in the area.

It’s easy to lose your sense of self when confronted with the statistic that more people exist now than ever before.

Who is one person among billions?

As a result, what we often don’t see is that we still possess so much power to become trailblazers on our own, to carve out a niche for ourselves in a busy life that wants to nudge everything else out. This process is predictably difficult and fraught with challenges — the road to reclaiming our individual humanities in the modern era is as imperfect as being human inherently is. That said, in the face of unfavorable odds, we have all the more reason to champion our individualities and our passions. 

Photo of person drinking coffee

In this way, I have made it my life’s personal mission to help alleviate the man-made poisoning of our planet’s homeostasis. This, to me, is humanity’s greatest threat, its most objectively universal common denominator. Many enjoy life outdoors, to wildly varying degrees; but how many of us can truthfully say we give back to the very planet we claim to love?

But how many of us can truthfully say we give back to the very planet we claim to love?

From starting my own sustainable bag business, to using my dollar to vote for conscientiousness over consumption, to pushing for better sustainable and ethical practice wherever I go, I use everything at my disposal to become a steward for the planet. True sustainability is more than using upcycled plastic.

By incorporating more mindful practice in our daily lives, no matter how small, you stake your claim in a collective effort to give back. Being human means perfection is not an option, but as Anne-Marie Bonneau (the renowned Zero-Waste Chef) so gracefully states, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Rather, in this case, we need billions. I hope you’ll join me in becoming one in those billions. 

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