Meet the creator of the Newest Plus Size Hiking Pants

Founder Raquel Vélez shares why she started plus size hiking pant company Alpine Parrot

Great Lake Surfing all four seasons

Mappy Hour Chicago Leader Erica Zazo interviews the Sleeping Bear Sisters about surf culture in Michigan, environmentalism in the Midwest and surfing the Great Lakes all four seasons.

Tips for Hiking in Winter

Mappy Hour Founder Sarah Knapp interviews professional guide Jana Paramoud about how to stay safe and comfortable hiking in winter

Interview with Trail Runner Coree Woltering

Illinois-based trail runner, ultra runner, and The North Face Athlete Coree Woltering talks running and identity in the outdoors

Watch: Diane Cardwell, Surfing Headlong into a New Life

Mappy Hour Founder Sarah Knapp interviews author and surfer Diane Cardwell about her decision to move from Brooklyn to Rockaway Beach, experiencing Hurricane Sandy...

Friends of the Forest Preserves: Gloria Orozco

The woodlands around Chicago have been there for hundreds of years, long before the city was conceived. However, as the 20th century progressed invasive...
Photo of two people on a webinar

Behind the Pyrographic Wooden Globes of Jeremy Goldsmith

An interview with pyrographic globe maker Jeremy Goldsmith
Jordan Welch - Mappy Hour Seattle

Meet Jordan Welch: Mappy Hour SEA’s New Chapter Leader

For Jordan Welch, the outdoors has always been a passion of his. After this past summer's Mappy Hour Chapter, Jordan was inspired to step...
Zoom Screens Talking

LGBTQ+ Visibility in the Outdoors – with Kelly & Jess of All Wild Up

"Realize that Pride extends beyond the month of June." "Look at all the anti trans bills... speak out against them. Or if you hear someone...
Camping in South Korea

Taking Women’s Sports to YouTube: An interview with KICKiT

Women’s sports are fast becoming more and more popular around the world from a record number of viewers at the last FIFA Women’s World...
Sending in Color

The Culture of Climbing with Pilar Amado

As progressive as the world of sports seems to have become, there are still many areas that need to be improved. Climbing, for one,...

Climate Resilient Community with Ranjani Prabhakar

This article is part of our ongoing speaker series, where we interview Mappy Hour speakers from chapters across the country. Ranjani Prabhakar has worked in...