Snow day: Another chance to enjoy the best winter activities in the city

We didn’t check the weather last night before we went to bed so we were pretty surprised this morning when we woke up to what looked like at least an inch of snow collected on our fire escape. While we were excited to start planning for our spring adventures, we’re psyched about getting at least one more day of winter. We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to enjoy snow in the city (indoors and out) below. Let us know how you’ll be spending one more snow day.

Snowshoe in the park

It turns out you can snowshoe anywhere you can hike or walk—it takes just few inches of snow on the ground and you’re good to go. If the snow sticks, rent shoes from REI.

Outfit yourself with these winter essentials

Guest adventurers and gear aficionados, The Field, chose eight items that will help you survive snow in the city (because half of survival in NYC is looking good, right?).

Shoot some arrows at an indoor archery range

When it’s so cold you can’t even imagine touching your bike handlebars, it’s time to grab a bow and shoot a few arrows at Gotham Archery, an indoor archery range in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

If you can’t ski, surf

We checked the snow report for Hunter Mountain and Mountain Creek and as of this morning, this micro-blizzard doesn’t seem to have extended much beyond the city. But the surf report for tomorrow at the Rockaways doesn’t look too bad. Snag a lesson with a shop like Locals Surf School or New York Surf School. They’ll equip you with a thick wetsuit to keep you toasty even if there’s still a little snow on the beach.

But maybe ski anyway

Seeing snow just outside makes us want to get out of the city and onto the slopes—even if the snow on the mountain is manufactured. Grab a ride to area ski resorts from the NYC Snow Bus or OvRide.

Make tonight a movie night

Opt out of the slush and inevitable frantic commute and cuddle up on your couch instead. Here are a few films that will allow you to vicariously adventure outdoors while sticking within arms reach of a fresh cup of tea.

Head to the gym, but not just any gym

But if you start getting the itch for some activity after binging on few documentaries, head to one of New York’s many climbing gyms to boulder, rope climb, high line or do some acro-yoga. This could also be the day you decide to live out our American Ninja Warrior dream (it happened to us recently) at Brooklyn Zoo where they’ll teach you to run up a wall in a class inspired by the TV show.


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