Earth Month Guide

Earth Month is here! Please take a gander at a few tips we have complied to help you find your most sustainable‑self! There's No Planet...
Paddling in the St. Regis Christie

Stay cool with these summer outdoor activities

Confession: we’ve been feeling more sorta than outdoorsy lately and we’re blaming it on the heat. When it’s so hot out that we’re sweating...

Get into gear: Here’s where you can go mountain biking near New York City

Our interest in mountain biking was piqued at a wedding last fall when we overheard a bunch of dolled-up friends of the bride planning...

Sharpen your bird brain: where to go birding in NYC

Birding, if you don’t know but you probably do, is the practice of finding, identifying and watching birds in their natural habitat. The idea...

Practice your map and compass skills in the park

"I think we should be about there," someone said as we approached an indistinct corner of Prospect Park. We were a few hours into...

Bullseye: Archery is the perfect indoor outdoorsy adventure

Well, it’s finally happened: the temperature in New York has caught up with the season. So now that it’s so cold you can’t even...
Surfing in NYC

Keep your head up and other surf tips we learned last weekend

We were back in the water last weekend giving surfing another try. This was our surf third lesson and we finally felt like we had...
Bike Maintenance

Tune up your bike, tune up your soul

The spring temperatures mean it’s time to tune up that bike you left chained to the light post all winter. We got a head...
Snowshoeing in NYC

Snow day: Another chance to enjoy the best winter activities in the city

We didn't check the weather last night before we went to bed so we were pretty surprised this morning when we woke up to what looked...
Hiking in the Hudson Valley

Spring hike checklist: Trails near New York City

We were discussing some of our favorite hikes near the city at Outdoorfest's Mappy Hour last night which stirred the project manager in us to...
Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior: Running up a wall is totally doable

Our favorite part of the Ninja Warrior class we wrote about in the newsletter this week was learning how to run up a wall....
Surfing in New York City

Surf: Catch a winter wave in Queens

We went winter surfing in Queens.